Mozes and the Firstborn

Mozes and the Firstborn‘s self-titled debut album is in true 70′s garage fashion. The album contains 12 tracks and all have that distinct musical style that will set Mozes and the Firstborn apart from their peers.

Jenna Clare: Birdy in a Cage

Jenna Clare is everything but your average teenager. She spends a lot of her time alone; a high school senior who plays the guitar for almost four years now; and who is also into singing and song writing despite pursuing photography in college. She fancies herself with today’s pop culture such as the television hit Game of Thrones, young adult best seller Divergent and with more than 5500 songs in her iPod, you can expect a good taste in music.

Continental Breakfast: Seasons

Seasons by Continental Breakfast jangles on with catchy beats, a dirty New York post-hipster sound and lovely vocals. This compilation comes with 6, mostly upbeat, tracks. It was released back in December 16 2010 and features a strictly Brooklyn indie rock sound. Although the record feels like it was recorded in a basement or garage somewhere, this does add to the appeal of the album. It's like being in an underground rock club where all the cool people hang out. Infusing rock, alternative, garage and a bit of punk, these Brooklyn natives certainly have something up their sleeve. Grab their record by hitting the Download link.