Fela Soul is a flawless fusion of the vocals of the hip-hop group, De La Soul and the music of the Nigerian jazz artist, Fela Kuti.

Assembled by Amerigo Gazaway, this mixtape via Gummy Soul is composed of nine tracks. The talent of the artists are showcased well that each track is composed impeccably. Get ready to lose yourself in the vivid, cascading rhythms and cracking rhymes.

The first track, Stakes is High, is done with such supremacy and expertise that makes it neither disappointing nor dissatisfying. The flamboyant horn riffs blend very well with the accented beats.

Following the first track is Trouble in Water. Fela Kuti’s funky and afrobeats fit well with the syncopated early beats of De La Soul. It is made even more suave by how Gazaway meshed them up together.


To make this album even more exciting, participation of MF Doom, Redman Yummy, and a special cover of the GorillazFeel Good Inc. featuring De La Soul are included.

There is no questioning the brilliance of Fela Soul. It is definitely one of the best mash-ups you’ll ever hear.

Track List:
1. Stakes Is High
2. Trouble In The Water
3. Ooh feat. Redman
4. Rock Co.Kane Flow feat. MF DOOM
5. Itsoweezee
6. Interlude
7. Much More feat. Yummy
8. Breakadawn
9. Feel Good Inc. feat. Gorillaz

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