Like a jar brimming with different flavors, Maja Olenderek Ensemble‘s new self-titled EP is inspired by various genres—from theatrical ballads, gentle girlish blues, eccentric sounds, flamenco melodies, and jazz reggae.

The sonic powerhouse is composed mainly of Maja Olenderek (main vocal/songwriter), Adam Świtała (guitars/songwriter), Wiktor Stokowski (keyboards/charango), Kuba Bruszewski (acoustic bass), Marcin Wippich (percussion instruments), Magdalena Małecka-Wippich (viola), Patrycja Przygoda (backing vocals/accordion), and Kasia Kurzyk (backing vocals). The members consciously specialize in different genres; thus creating varied sounds that are wrapped together in a unifying acoustic form.

Alice produces a very beguiling tune. In this opera-influenced track, the listener is treated to a combination of classic piano tunes and a sound reminiscent of Kate Bush. The changing tunes demonstrates different emotions while telling the story of Alice. This song will definitely transport you to the wonderland.

Listening to Moon Song is like listening to a sonata. The song will submerge you into a dream. In this sonic gem, the singer is narrating a story and you can feel it intensify as she says the lines “Tell me what, tell me what would you , tell me what, tell me what would you do , if you were happy?” The beats, which are perfectly in sync with the lines, breathes life and power to the narration.


The EP finishes off with a pleasant upbeat surprise in Insomnia. In this album, Maja Olenderek Ensemble creates a one-of-a-kind record stands out with its harmonic sensibilities and ambient leanings.

Track List:
1. Alice (Radio Edit)
2. Firefly
3. Moon Song
4. Insomnia

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