Does retro-sounding indie music tickle your fancy? You’re better off with the feel-good vibes of cultureculture.

Call them ’80s revival if you must, but the boys — whose personal details are carefully under wraps — are just huge fanboys of music with a “funky bassline,” which is evident in mentioned influences such as Tears for Fears and Chromeo.

On their first EP (a self-titled one), the boys get their synth-pop groove on from the ATL to the rest of the world. Much can be said about the sonic opener, “Use Me,” which is one hell of a basement project gone right.

The fun elevates on the second track, “Giving It Up,” another downtempo fancy which takes a page from the recent success that’s St. Lucia. Even the lead vocals sound comfortably at home with the cassette tapes your mom has been hoarding in her teens.

“Take The Ticket,” the closing tune, leans towards the sensual, which sums up how the boys have concocted their melodies. Bravo!

Track listing:
1. Use Me
2. Giving It Up
3. Baby Blue
4. Pouring Down
5. Take The Ticket

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