It is a commonly acknowledged fact that nature is the greatest relaxant known to mankind. Even while we live in the middle of stark concrete jungles, we stroll through parks, sit by lakes, and love to gaze at a sky full of stars on a dark night for our little dose of tranquility. Deep Down Inside from Sochaczew, Poland use their music to express their fascination with the natural world and also to invite us to its joy and beauty.


The EP begins with Weronika Basiak singing in her charming almost-Bjork-like Polish accent “The blanket of clouds/ Green trees and green grass” while a soft violin melody hums in the background. More than anything else, the music is atmospheric. Closing your eyes, an image of yourself in a quiet desolate place among nature like the one pictured on the album cover comes to mind almost automatically.

The reverie only deepens as the record progresses. The title track Feather and Stone paints a vibrant picture of red roses under a rising sun while on The Kite, Weronika reminisces of a lover and compares it to a rainy stormy night.

As a whole, Feather and Stone feels like a gorgeous otherworldly dream you’re woken up from too soon. Deep Down Inside’s songwriting talents are nothing short of marvelous.

Favorite Track: Feather and Stone


Track List
1. Bad Kind
2. Feather and Stone
3. The Kite
4. Where Dreams Begin

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