Fleshing out pumped up tunes that highlights flavorful female vocals and indie pop melodies, a small sip of CatnapsForget About It is enough to jump start your day.

In this album, the Philadelphia-based band fleshes out comical pop grunge that elicits some head bangs, whether your playing it in your room or on your way to school or work.

Opening track Pictures of You flawlessly introduces Catnaps’ chosen genre with some grungy riffs and guitars that perfectly contrasts the dreampop vocals.

Delicious churns out some soft, extending guitar tunes that slowly transcends to a plethora of rapid, highly energized arrangement and lyricism. While Diner That Night takes a slower turn and invests in bold and rich beats that blooms slowly but surely in the ears. The layered female vocals envelopes the this sexy track with charisma.


Last but definitely not the least, She Cut Her Bangs encapsulates indie grunge pop into one standout piece. Though riffs and grunge may sometimes be too much, Catnaps has managed to highlight each component and give them a quick moment in the sun.

Forget About It is a reminder to old fans and a welcome message to new one that Catnaps know their genre by heart. It’s an enjoyable and easily digestible collection that makes even non-grunge pop fans, desire for more.

Track List:
1. Pictures Of You
2. Delicious
3. Diner That Night
4. Detached
5. She Cut Her Bangs

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