Eva on the Western Castle Island might not be the most catchy band name out there but it is charming especially when it’s accompanied by great music.

This simple record is more than just indie pop. It’s a lush compilation that warms up the thought and squeezes some melodies out of your bones during those cold winter days.

The band is made up of lead singer, Eva Wong, joined by assist Eero Vesterinen, guitarist Ilkka Saarinen as well as drummer Martin Linnankoski. Together, they create a sound that incorporates fun pop sensibilities and a bit of that rockish vibe.

The Wong Way EP starts off with, California Shrills, which is probably one of the catchiest tracks on the record. Eva’s voice incorporates a nostalgic retro touch that subtly hints of an 80s dance pop sound, reminiscent of Blondie, yet only a bit more pop oriented. The cut is absolutely catchy and delivers a new wave  dance touch to the single.

Shaolin Punk features the same uptempo beat while incorporating a bit of  Japanese pop touch to it. It’s a melodic single that makes you want to dance and prance around while you play it full volume inside your apartment. Surfing Like a Guru, meanwhile, continues the 80s  dance pop trend and flourishes with “ba ba ba’s” that make you want to sing along. It’s one of those cuts that bring to mind pictures of a fun summer evening. Final track, The Lonely Albatross, summarizes the record and possibly represents the band best. Eva’s voice reminds of those Japanese pop singers, high pitched yet melodic.

Overall, it’s a fun little EP that provides plenty of great melodies and rhythms. Worth the listen, if you ask me.

1. California Shrills
2. Shaolin Punk
3. Surfing Like a Guru
4. The Lonely Albatross

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