Don’t be fooled by The Sorry Shop, the band really doesn’t have anything to be sorry about. Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy is a brilliant record that showers listeners with fuzzy guitars, hazy vocals and a catchiness you’ll only find in most 90s college rock bands.

The band is the perfect filler if you’ve been craving for that sweet noise rock sound where all you hear are warbled lyrics and distorted guitars. Of course, this also means some awesome, catchy rhythm to accompany it. The band delivers all this and a bit more.

This is the first full length debut for the group. Their initial release was a short 5-track EP titled, Thank You Come Again.

Starting with one of the catchiest cut on the record, Gone Again, is a mix of Pavement and the catchiness of REM. You’ll easily find yourself toe tapping to the single as the blurry vocals embrace the jangly and dirty guitars.


The rest of the tracks also explore a bit of the 90s charm with a little British feel on songs like Go On and title cut, Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy. From the lyrics to the downtempo rock style, those two showcase an interesting side of the band. Meanwhile, Cinderblocks and Glass Jar, feature the band’s capacity to enchant with their use of instruments. From wonderful, dreamy guitars to a steady pop rock beat; they nail it perfectly.

Overall, The Sorry Shop have nothing to be sorry about. Their sound easily makes a mark as it brings together nostalgia and a modern touch to a tried and tested formula. This is worth grabbing so make sure you’re in line for this one.

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