Swelling with gorgeous harmonies and lovely instrument work, Pawky Maven creates a beautiful indie folk music that’s perfect for a quiet reverie. Pruning Hooks is composed of 12 dreamy, soulful indie goodness.

Garnering influences from such greats as Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Fleetwood Mac and Simon and Garfunkel; this North Carolina native certainly reflects his musical taste. The album is a mix of acoustic pop mixed with an indie folk sound giving it that unique touch.

Give the album a download. You’re in for a nice treat.Pruning Hooks carries with it an overall jolly and very heartfelt sensation. Maven’s vocals blends nicely with the instruments and makes the tracks extra special.

The album opens with the upbeat, acoustic folk number, Strange Surprise. The song carries a lovely melody that is simple but very soothing. It makes me think of a quiet moment in the countryside where you’re watching the leaves and branches sway quietly with the wind.

Another lovely track is the slightly upbeat acoustic track, Lies. The song reminds me of how Simon and Garfunkel might have sounded like if they created songs in the current digital age. It’s filled with acoustic guitars mixed with quirky samples that make the song a bit more interesting. Listening to the song is like finding a hidden gem at every corner. There’s a lovely surprise at almost each turn. Definitely a great track to relax to.

Overall, the album is a great find. The best part is that it is offered absolutely free!

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