Finding great music is like looking for a diamond in a bucket full of zirconia. Coming across Il Abanico was like finding just that, a diamond; albeit a bit rough, it’s still a priceless gem that’s well worth the effort of finding.

Il Abanico is made up of guitarist Nicolas Losada and singer Juliana Landeros. Together they create a lush filled indie pop rock sound that conjures up images of fun summer nights partying around the block. Originally based from Colombia, the duo met in Boston and decided to band together to create their sound.┬áDespite having very different personalities, their love and ideals for music are the same. Building on this, they’ve created this amazing, catchy and lovable EP that you’ll certainly enjoy.

If you’re a visual person, you’d most likely click this post based on the wonderful album cover. Luckily, it’s not just the album cover that’s amazing, it is also the music behind it. Il Abanico beautifully captures a whole myriad of sound; weaving catchy beats and adding great vocals/lyrics to create a sonic experience you’d most likely expect from a well-established, label-funded band instead of a newcomer duo.

Crossing Colors is a collection of five upbeat tracks that can serve as your summer soundtrack. With Juliana’s sweet yet slightly melancholic voice, Keep Calling, transforms into one of the catchiest tracks on the record. The mixture of drums and guitars complement the song and adds a deep layer of texture. One of the easy favorites in this mini compilation. The Light, on the other hand, sees the duo take things a bit slower. The song is quiet and dreamy with just enough pep, giving it that “perfect-driving-song” touch.

My only real complaint is that there are only 5 songs to the album. I really wish they would release a full compilation soon and also have it as a free download. This is definitely one record that will make you smile and feel good. With great lyrics, beautiful vocals, amazing rhythms and an option to download it for free; you really get the best of everything.

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