Two Dots from Playdots is an addictive puzzle game, and it’s been downloaded more than 20 million times on iTunes (the game is also available for Android), testament to how good it is. The objective here is to connect dots with similar colors horizontally or vertically, and if you find squares in the board it’s going to help, but there are a lot of other factors that come into play.

Two Dots give players a specific number of moves to finish challenges, so for instance, you may be given 30 moves to clean 50 dots. The first few levels are easy and give you time to get used to the mechanics, and you’ll need this since the latter stages are hard. Adding to the challenge is you only have five lives.

What this means is if you run out of moves before completing a challenge, you’ll lose one of your lives, and you also lose a life if you quit playing a level. Also note that the levels are randomly generated so you cannot memorize the levels and attempt to cheat.

For all of these restrictions, Two Dots is still an enjoyable game, and the 30 moves is more than enough if you play hard. And the longer you play the more power ups you will come across that’s going to help you advance and play additional levels. Two Dots has IAPs, but you don’t need them if you play long enough, and there are no ads either. If you like puzzle games that challenge you, Two Dots is highly recommended.

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