Little Alchemy is a game that combines learning and puzzle. You begin with just four elements and you combine these create more. Your goal is to create 560 elements, and each combination you make is a fun little challenge you need to solve.

Apart from the Android and iOS apps, there is a desktop version on Little Alchemy official website. It’s educational, but it’s also enjoyable enough for kids and adults who love puzzles.

Basically you tap or click the elements to mix and match them. The four elements – earth, fire, water and air, can be dragged and dropped and make a pair. If you make the proper combination, you get a new element. However this will only work if the combo is logical.

You can for instance, combine air and water to make rain. You can then combine rain with earth to produce plants. The game is not without humor as well, because you can combine a human with sine to create a surfer, or time with an animal to get a sloth. When you create a new element, it is added to your element collection, and you repeat the process. There are also hints in the game if you get stuck and unable to proceed.

Little Alchemy is a unique game, and for that alone it’s worth trying. It’s not every day you get to stimulate your brain while having fun, and the regular updates increases the game’s longevity. The graphics and intuitive interface also adds to the appeal.

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