Race Team Manager from Big Bit LTD puts you in control of a racing team, but while you play the team manager himself, you won’t get drowned by details – perfect if you are a casual gamer who just wants to know what it’s like to manage a racing team. But that doesn’t make the game any less interesting as it is quite fun.

Race Team Manager is more of a casual motorsport management game than others, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be in for a grind. Even if you don’t know much about racing management, this will be easy to pick up. As a manager you are responsible for choosing drivers and letting them go if they’re underperforming.

At the same time you also have to make sure that your mechanics are happy as well as your sponsors. The sponsors are particularly important because just like in real racing, without them you’ll be hard pressed to continue racing and win. By keeping your mechanics and sponsors happy you’ll keep winning.

Race Team Manager relies a lot on menus, but they are very intuitive, and there are instances when interactive gameplay comes into effect, making it even more engaging. The races are text based and laps are explained in just a few lines. At certain points you’ll be required to do something and the environment turns into a standard racing scenario.

To become successful in Race Team Manager you need to be quick on your feet and react fast. If you are trying to go for a slipstream you need to swipe at precisely the right moment, making this a lot of fun.

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