Do you like games that are easy to pick up, as in really easy? Then check out Reckless Getaway 2. Published by Pixelbite, it is an endless chase where the goal is to avoid the police. It is not the most groundbreaking game out there, but its simplicity is part of the attraction.

As you play you get access to unique backgrounds and new cars. The longer you survive the more points you score so that is another incentive to keep going. Your car accelerates automatically so you just tap the left or right arrow to determine where you want to go. The early stages is simple enough but as the game goes on more police will arrive. You will also face police cars, SWAT, stingers and road blocks.

Your car blows up if it gets hits a lot, and you must avoid being trapped in corners by the cops. Avoid the water and other hazards if you want to stay alive. There are lots of cars to collect and you will race in industrial locations, cities, resorts and more.

Once you have unlocked cars you can use the ones you like. The APC can handle a lot of hits, but it is slow. A hatchback is faster but is more vulnerable to getting battered. Good thing there is information about each vehicle so you will know what each one is capable of.

Apart from the race there are other challenges to complete like blowing up a specific number of cars to get a reward, so there is lots here to keep you occupied.

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