F! Race Stars from Codemasters takes Formula One Racing to a different level, as you’ll be in for a lot of fun and action. No need to learn complex driving techniques here, as you can powerslide your way to victory, and there are plenty of power ups and hit jumps. And that’s only for starters.

F1 Race Stars does more than give you access to power ups though, as you can also go through shortcuts and race to victory quicker. Aside from racing against the AI you also have the opportunity to go up against other players in multiplayer action, making it the ideal arcade racer.

While there’s an IAP option, you can disable it, and you can still get the power ups without them. If you want to disable the IAP just go to the game’s settings. Going back to the game, there are dozens of race tracks you will be able to compete in spread over more than a dozen different locations.

Not only are there different circuits, but the graphics and visuals are top notch thanks to its use of Codemasters’ EGO Game Technology. Apart from colorful and smooth graphics, the game also features numerous effects and dynamic weather simulation to give it a totally different feel.

But even that isn’t the best part about the game, because F1 Race Stars features all the cars and drivers of the 2013 F1 season. So if you have always wanted to race against Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton, now’s your chance. In other words, this is a winner.

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