Classic Sports Car Parking Game Real Driving Test Run Racing is a mouthful, and is also the latest offering from Play With Games, which specializes in these unique parking games. As the title suggests, this will put your parking skills to the test. It might not sound like the best premise, but the gameplay is strangely engaging.

The biggest draw here are the Cabriolet cars, with some modern models thrown in as well, and everything from drop tops to super sports cars to 60s classics are included here. Just decide which one you want to drive and see how well you do in parking and precision driving.

There are IAPs here, but the main game mode is free and you can complete without spending a cent. However, the petition isn’t as easy as it sounds because some of the cars require delicate handling, and getting them into the precise parking slot can be a challenge. Fortunately the early levels are easy and give you time to get used to it.

The objective isn’t just to park but to make sure the car doesn’t get scratched, just like in real life. As for controls you can go with the buttons and do just fine, but if you feel more comfortable with the wheel or MFi they’re there too. Regardless of the control you can play the game in isometric view or via first person perspective as well.

If you like simulator games, Classic Sports Car Parking Game Real Driving Test should be worth a download. The graphics are impressive, and the number of cars and options available should keep you playing for a while.

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