Seabright’s layered, dreamy blend of pop and electronica is steered by artist Justin Morales. Bringing into his music the lazy, hazy and sunny landscape of his hometown California, Seabright is the perfect tune to zone out and let go.

There is a large space in the music community nowadays for artists who are continuously putting into actual sounds the kind of dreams they have. Seabright seems to be dreaming in purple haze, smoky rooms, and dank basements full of people all with dreamy, faraway look in their eyes.

Fall For You is synths and sweet vocals layered together to create a saccharine sound gushing about young love. It sighs, swirls and sends off imaginary fireworks in your mind. Chill and Shiver is the kind of track you want to listen to if you still have salt in your hair, fresh from a quick swim in the sea. The song envelops you like a towel you drape over your shoulders when the breeze blows just a bit too hard and you need warmth.

For psychedelic beats, a pop of sunny music and an extra dose of tropic feel, Seabright is the artist to listen to.

Track List:
1. Gesture Waves
2. Fall For You
3. Theory Conspiracy
4. Clear Path
5. Strange Chime
6. Vincent
7. Chill And Shiver
8. Early Sun

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