If you’ve never heard of a thing such as “inaudible sounds”, then you might have been barking up the wrong tree, all these years.

Despite the paradox that it presents, David Block’s project, The Human Experience, offers plenty of these. He musters his skills as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, and a producer to create a cross-genre instrumental collection for all of us to revel in.

Inaudible Sounds is the album in question, and covers everything from quasi-piano standards to lite dubstep, so there’s no doubting his ability to capture even the ‘edgiest’ of listeners.

Start with the dramatic “Amor“, and it’s like going on an odyssey of self-discovery. You’ll only need to close your eyes to do it. Things get considerably blood-pumping in “Friends“, “Doin’ Time“, and “Phil Laughing“, which are deliciously ambient tunes that succeed each other. 

Block describes it as a “delicious symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and sultry beats,” one profound claim we can attest to. Now, each of us here is really looking forward to some “me time”.

Track listing:
1. Amor
2. Medicina
3. Corazon De La Manzana
4. Dawn at Creation
5. Friends
6. Honor the Goddess
7. Doin’ Time
8. Passion
9. Lullaby
10. Canciones Del Corazon
11. Phil Laughing
12. On The Road Again
13. Shiva
14. Alicia’s Diamonds

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