Do not miss out on Soulja Boy‘s hefty 21-track collection, Young Millionaire, released late last year. The ‘Crank That’ singer treats his fans with a solid set of hip hop beats mixed with pure RnB and soul.

The album utilizes the rapper/producer’s tried-and-tested formula of hip hop + RnB that has brought success, not only to Soulja Boy, but to a lot of hip hop artists in the past. What makes this formula work is the perfect match between the evocative sensuality of RnB tunes and famous hip hop themes.

The beat drops in Already Know Feat. Sean Kingston & Rich The Kid. The track boasts laid-back rich tunes that gives the right amount of aroma to intensify the fluid vocals and rapping.

In Mucho Guapo Pronto, Soulja Boy experiments in some electro, sharp tunes mixed with reverberating beats. While Pablo Escobar goes back to the RnB formula but with a little dose of latin-sounding chimes and electro vocals.

Zone One highlights effortless rapping and booming beats that swim in laid-back beats. Turn up the volume and let this chill piece give you that right amount of high.


New Couples closes the collection in a celebration of hip hop beats. The track treats the listeners with interchanging layers of electro and hip-hop musings, working hand in hand to create one solid organic whole.

Young Millionaire is like a rough diamond waiting to be polished. The tracks here, though sounding a bit raw, are beaming with style and creativity, showcasing the abundant talent of Soulja Boy.

So if you’re feelin’ the sound of this mixtape, hit download and let this collection be your next playlist favorite.

Track List:
01. You Already Know Feat. Sean Kingston & Rich The Kid (Prod. by Zaytoven)
02. Mucho Guapo Pronto
03. Pablo Escobar
04. Balenciaga and Red Bottoms (Prod. by MPC Cartel)
05. IDGAF (Prod. by Zaytoven)
06. Michael Jordan Feat. Sean Kingston
07. Trap Boy Soulja
08. Whole Lotta
09. They Said I Wouldnt Make It Feat. Cap1
10. Count Money
11. So Fresh
12. Zone One
13. Been That Dude
14. Laughin
15. We Here
16. Pesos
17. Ultra
18. 23 Feat. Rich The Kid
19. Fly High
20. Movie
21. New Coupes

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