Stumbling upon beautiful music does not happen often. But this is why we know from the start that something is simply good. Mayyadda, a singer-songwriter, neo-soul and R&B artist from Minneapolis, MN is definitely one of those happy finds. Her newest album, simply titled eightynine, comes filled with soulful deep voice. The lyrics illuminate with the same depth. Check it out and if you like what you hear follow Mayyadda to hear about the upcoming releases.

According to the official website, the artist “aspires to use her music to make people slow down, find themselves in a story, and feel hopeful.” She has been signing for as long as she can remember, taught herself how to play multiple instruments, sang in multiple choirs and recorder two albums with her a cappella group – and it’s easy to hear all that experience in her music.

Track List:
1. eightynine
2. Mars
3. Push Comes To Shove
4. That’s Why I Love You
5. aquae
6. Mississippi
7. Same Room
8. BlackGirlMagic

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