Alternative rock songstress, Lauren Hoffman, puts together a stellar collection of her old and new tracks before she changes her screen name to The Secret Storm. In Becoming the Secret Storm, Lauren treats us with eight impeccable pieces that channels back the ’90s fashion of grungy guitars and female confessionals.

Lauren plays her strongest ace, her voice, throughout this collection. With hints of Alanis and Lana Del Rey, Lauren appeals to indie kids and ’90s babies at heart.

First stop is a new song titled In the Sun. Grungy guitars are mixed with lounge/jazz musings, creating a laid-back piece that’s a perfect backdrop for chill-out parties with friends. The song invests in Hoffman’s vocals, letting it slide effortlessly through every note.

Broken, from the album Choreography, follows with something that you may here in a Brooklyn lounge bar. Here, Hoffman creates a new synergy that focuses on authenticity, textured arrangement, vocal tics, and intonation that drives us to ethereal heights.

Laden with gorgeous rich sound, Another Song About the Darkness features layers over layers of thudding beats, dark-hued vocals and lines dressed in a fancy coat of tragic melancholy. Twangy guitars adds the right kind of leap to make this atmospheric record a twist between alt rock and alt pop.

Bottom line: Lauren Hoffman is addictive. Her tragically beautiful love songs features the right amount of indie/underground and mainstream styles, making it appealing to a larger scope of listeners. Definitely, her music do not fall short of artistry and taste.

Track List:
1. In the Sun (New song demo)
2. Broken (From Choreography)
3. Out of the Sky, Into the Sea (From Choreography)
4. Another Song About the Darkness (From Choreography)
5. Broken (Live on WTJU)
6. Out of the Sky, Into the Sea (Acoustic)
7. Another Song About the Darkness (Acoustic)
8. The Chemist Said It Would be Alright (Unreleased track from Megiddo sessions)

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