Hip-hop on its classy feat. Gold Standard EP is the second album of Concrete Cee & Marius Gold. This, is definitely not just your ordinary hip-hop. It is an opus-in-the-making of this talented hip hop duo.

Gold Standard is an epic hip-hop extraordinaire. Unusual beats, with a bit of jazz, the track is superbly slick. In an age where most of their peers goes auto-tune, this hip hop duo gives you run of your money as you could clearly hear their every word and it flows and glides easily. Gold Standard is experimental and it is a blast, a punch that will deliberately blow you away.

Demons for Dinner is a track that will ask, “..what is wrong with me?” These guys can rhyme! The words don’t just slur out of their mouths, but they bounces back and you will catch on it. Engaging, and stimulating as the lyrics bump with the beats, “Demons for Dinner” is an insanely good sh*t.

A reminiscent of Gold Standard, the track Pen Etiquette will make you groove with that bass, and the duo’s rap session that talks about writing, or simply how relaxing it is to do recording. The multilayered arrangement of the track is uncomplicated and is surprisingly easy on the ear.


First twenty seconds is like a fiesta, a merry-making but with that distinctive bit of jazz, Elbows for Everyone is a bold and idiosyncratic track. Profanities aside, this track is epic. It is an eccentric mix of funk, bass, hip hop and a bit of hippie. And yes, this is the nonconformist track in the album. It care less, and you couldn’t help but to follow where the beats lead you.

Gold Standard EP is Concrete Cee & Marius Gold’s sophomore release. This album contains five tracks that are insanely epic. Surely , this will be every hip-hop connoisseur’s main dish. Dig in!

Track List:
1. Gold Standard
2. Superimposition
3. Demons For Dinner
4. Pen Etiquette
5. Elbows For Everyone
6. Dog Days

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