South African pop is a genre that may not be familiar to you. Let Thor Rixon introduce it to you then. He is a South African experimental artist that has taken his new brand of music into the consciousness of those who are willing to try something new.

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He started making music at the age of 12 when he toyed with the guitars, drums and trumpets. Now, his music is a representation of the surroundings and the place he grew up in. In Tea Time Favourites, he created lovely combination of diverse mediums and styles that has resulted into an astonishing melting pot of eclectic sounds.

Misery Belle, a track featuring Inge Beckmann, is a play on refreshing funky sounds hinged on Beckmann’s syrupy voice. It sounds offbeat and a bit quirky but that just adds to the smoothness and uniqueness of the track. Another standout is Time Away, another collab track but with Chantel van T this time around. The song has a natural feel to it, like it came out organically from the duo’s working minds. It is a love song for tired lovers. When Chantel van T sings “Let’s leave our love alone put it on the backburner / Keep all the memories inside” you sense it, this feeling that you are close to losing grip on love and that your fingers are slipping from its hold. And that sound of a storm brewing in the song’s background? That is the sound of a love that is breaking down.

Track List:
1. Misery Bell (feat. Inge Beckmann)
2. The Fisherman
3. Hot Tuna Milk
4. Please Don’t Give Me Any More
5. Skepsel (feat. Umlilo)
6. Confidante
7. Time Away (feat. Chantel Van T)

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