Duplicati is a free software that does backups in remote file servers and cloud storage devices. You can use this program to store compressed and encrypted files on Google Drive, OneDrive and other cloud storage devices. It’s very easy to use, and takes away the drudgery that comes with backing up files.

The program uses AES-256 encryption to safeguard your files and a handy scheduler ensures your files are up to date. In addition, the software has filters, deletion rules, tweaks and bandwidth options if you want to fine tune the backup process. When using it for the first time, the software does a full backup and then makes incremental updates to save bandwidth and time.


Because Duplicati allows backup of encrypted files, the process is straightforward, and you can set up different filter rules for images, documents and other types of files that you back up. The interface is simple and streamlined, and you won’t have any problems figuring out how to use it. If you’re a hardcore user or just want to do things the old way, there’s a command line interface as well.

If you run Windows the program uses the Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) to backup locked files, and if you’re using Linux it will use the Logical Volume Manager (LVM), pretty versatile. Since the program is easy to use, and of course you should back up files on a regular basis.

What makes this really effective is the scheduler and the ability to backup encrypted files, something that usually takes a long time to do or beyond the capacity of a casual user to understand. With Duplicati however, it’s become straightforward.

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