Love, Jacob is a singer from Pittsburgh and he already have got another 5 albums. Flower Maiden Fare in Living Nightmare is the fourth one.
This album opens with a soft song dedicated “to a girl to whom he wrote 30 songs”. The singer have a deep voice, and his first songs are played with guitar.

Many of his other songs are more techno, with a combination of different sounds, like “Finding a Stranger In The Alps” (only music without lyrics). Some songs are short, like if they were transitions from one to another musical composition.
Also, he goes through complex subjects in some of his songs, like in “I Want to Have Your Abortion”, with hard sounds where his voice is sometimes overshadowed by the music. It’s like the lyric struggling from the beats. Also, the name of that song is from a deleted scene of the movie Fight Club (1999), so if you are a fan of that film maybe you want to listen the song.

So if you like to hear passionate music of a songwriter, Love, Jacob is for you.

Track List:
1. For You
2. Forrest
3. Campfire Song
4. Fight For It
5. Curl Up
6. Seance In PA
7. I Need S’more Love (Human Ice Cream)
8. Finding a Stranger In The Alps
9. The Sun (Tigers Jaw Cover)
10. I Want to Have Your Abortion
11. Wide Set Vagina (Heavy Flow)
12. I Would Ask You to Stay But I Wouldn’t Ask That Much of Anyone
13. Eggstasy
14. If Only I Could Hate You
15. Top Shelf (an amiable medley Cover)
16. I’m Just Trying to Try…
17. Goner (Twenty One Pilots Cover)
18. Party Song
19. This Song Was a Waste of Time
20. Take It Or Leave It
21. To Me You Are Everything
22. Love, Your Boyfriend

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