Stoner Rock is a subgenre that combines elements of heavy metal, blues rock, and psychedelic rock among others. Sometimes it is called “Desert rock” however, not all Stoner Rock bands would fall under “desert rock” tag, which typically features slow-to-mid tempo beats, heavily distorted guitars, groovy bass-sound and “retro” production. The genre emerged during the early 1990s and was pioneered foremost by Eagles of Death Metal or Queens of The Stone Age.

Stoner Rock bands updated the long, mind-bending jams of bands like Black Sabbath or Blue Öyster Cult by filtering their psych-metal and acid rock through the buzzing sound of early Sub Pop–style grunge.

Sir Buffalo from Venezuela, is just that kind of band that makes their record pointless if you just can’t see them live. They are just like their name says: A bunch of buffalos running acrross our body. The voice reminds me of the early ZZ Top’s records with a mix of Robert Plant’s presence but a few octaves lower.


The Album:

Poisinous Girl: This track delivers just what every Stoner Rock song needs to accomplish: The riff, the persistent legacy of the Mississippi blues, may it be sometimes slowed down and magnified. Not like in the old days. It is not hard to move your head along this tune and the voice production is my favorite on this EP.

He Shoots Again: Coolest song on the EP. The guitar reminds me in some parts of the classic Woman riff from Wolfmother. The fuzzy and distorted voices just take you very smoothly through the song. Great 1/4/5 blues standard progression combo along the song.

Wild Animals: Well, an up tempo 1/4/5 classic blues structure (again) with the powerful riff that you need to write a song of this genre. This is why you always have great Stoner Rock guitarists like Josh Homme. Really, the guitar work in this song is just amazing.

POWER EP. 8/10

Track Listing
1. Poisonous Girl
2. Wild Animals
3. Beautiful
4. He Shoots Again [Bonus Track]

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