Sequels don’t always hit in the mark in games, but Blendoku 2 does. It takes all the features that are good in the original and ups the ante. And even if you have never played the original Blendoku, don’t worry as no previous experience is necessary to enjoy this game.

The objective hasn’t changed from the first game, move solid colored tiles in a spectrum shade, leading from one color to another. Every tile has to share a portion of its color with the tile that it is set against. In effect your goal is to position the colors in order.

This sounds easy enough, and arranging the tiles from light to dark green is simple. However things get harder when you have to transition magenta to blue using only yellow and light brown tiles. Just like in the first game, there are locked tiles in Blendoku 2, and these act as guideposts where you can set the colors.

Blendoku 2 also has keyless levels, that is, there aren’t any locked tiles. This means you have to assemble the tiles without any guides. While it is more challenging, these keyless levels do vary the levels. Blendoku 2 has gotten rid of the grid line present in the first game, and you can lock the tiles while working on the others.

There’s also an option to modify the board’s hue, but it doesn’t alter the chromatic sequence of the colors. You can also make colors based on those used in famous artworks. Lastly, there’s a multiplayer mode so you can play with a friend.

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