The music lover is a curious creature. Fueled by the thrill of a music discovery unknown from the public eye, they can mostly be found lurking in online music catalogues, sniffing out the best and freshest content before anyone has the chance to hear it.

For fellow music lovers who often visit FrostClick, Anna Jordan‘s debut EP, Dust, is like a shiny new toy that fills that craving for unique flavor. An alum from Newpark Music School, Anna is no stranger to the literature of sound. She studied jazz piano under the tutelage of Phil Ware, and has taken great inspiration from the aesthetics of great pianists such as Sonny Clark and Thelonius Monk.


In 2006, Anna formed Orca, a seven-piece band that plays a combination of jazz and electronic music. Through the years, Anna has sharpened her craft and is currently working with drummer Dennis Cassidy in a two-piece band called Selk.

Dust opens welcomes the ears with dark, conjuring piano keys accompanied with a rhythmic tune that sustains the delicate verses of the song. This six-minute piece highlights Anna’s musical style: a complex web of classic, electro, jazz and raw lyricism.

Next stop is Air That You Breathe. Here, Anna’s saccharine vocals is set on a canvass of intricate keys and subtle drum beats. Listen as the song manages to fuse story and sound as the piano escalates, deepens, or slows down depending on the lyrics.

She Dances is a simple and subtle sonic piece that practices the beauty of control perfection. Anna’s voice takes you into a trance as whistles and glides along a soft, cooing piano ensemble.

Dust is a magical find that listening to the four tracks in this album does not only enliven the senses, but also the spirit. Anna Jordan‘s porcelain sound walks the fine line between delicacy and curiosity, leaving the audience floating in a cloud of musical bliss.

Track List:
1. Dust
2. Air That You Breathe
3. She Dances
4. Silent Sea

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