Peerblock is an IP blocking utility program for Windows. With it you can manage the way your PC interacts with computers on the Net, and it allows you to block sites and servers that are risky. You have full control over what sites and servers to block and create and import lists.

A wizard helps with the installation but you can modify these later. Once installed you can decide what to block such as ads, spyware and anti-P2P groups. You can also allow for HTTP, allowing you to connect with ports 443 and 80 of your PC even if set on the block list.


All the features on Peerblock have instructions and help files, and the application also downloads lists of known threats which you can view on an intuitive interface. The settings and protection tabs are available if you want to make changes, and if you click Peerblock’s icon on the system tray you get access to the main console, while left clicking allows you to enable and disable functions.

Anytime you change the settings, Peerblock will update its list. But the best part is most of the time you don’t have to make adjustments as Peerblock works fine on the default settings. Once installed, you can browse the Internet and your favorite websites like before, except there will be no more annoying ads or spyware to disturb you.
Peerblock keeps a log of a website’s attempts to post ads, which is nice. While the program has a lot of advanced functions, the default settings are good enough casual users won’t need to make adjustments.

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