Whether you’re on vacation, at home, or at work, escape is just at the tip of your fingertips. You just need to put your headphones, ease in a comfy position and download Derek Clegg‘s latest release titled Lightning In A Bottle.

Packed with 13 new tracks from the Chicago-based singer/songwriter, this album will surely set the mood and elicit a wholistic musical experience in just one sitting. Clegg is no stranger to music and has been featured previously on FrostClick. He has produced multiple collections and singles over the past years, and this latest album reflects how he has improved and grown as an artist.

Derek Clegg’s signature brand of blending country folk with hints of subtle rock is clearly showcased in the first track, The One We Love The Most. Here, old and new fans are welcomed with layers of intricate folk arrangement and chimes laden with Clegg’s sublime yet subdued vocal delivery.

In All of My Love Resides in Paris, Clegg plays with intricate acoustic strings mixed with country instrumentation to create a unique whimsical twist to the common folk arrangement.

Meanwhile, Crooked Ears fosters a strong connection between story and sound. Here, Clegg paints childhood images through well-penned lines, while a mellow acoustic arrangement support it to elicit emotion.

What makes Derek Clegg‘s music effective is its ability to create a unique blend of traditional folk arrangement that are comforting, honest, and true to its roots.

Track List:
1. The One We Love the Most
2. All of My Love Resides in Paris
3. Laws
4. Child of the 70’s
5. I Don’t Want To Wait
6. Go Easy On Me
7. Crooked Ears
9. Down
10. The Moon
11. Not the Way
12. The Houses in this Avenue are Cruel
13. Hard Times

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