derek clegg

Derek Clegg: Life Unfolds EP

With already a number of releases under his belt, Derek Clegg returns to our blog with another set of tracks in, Life Unfolds, which was originally released in 2012. Much of his previous works have been featured here on Frostclick as well, including his debut album KJC which has reached more than 100,000 downloads since it first grazed the pages of the blog.

Derek Clegg: Stop The Line

Singer-songwriter Derek Clegg serenades the alt folk country community with Stop The Line. Brimming with fourteen tracks, the Chicago native plays with rhythmic structure, deep emotions, and a whole lot of guitar lovin’.

Derek Clegg: Overlook The Human Race

No stranger to the pages of the Frostclick blog, Chicago-native, Derek Clegg is here to showcase his latest musical effort. Overlook The Human Race is a beautiful compilation that delivers Clegg's resident acoustic guitars and heartfelt vocals. The album contains 11-tracks and is album number 9 or so for the artist. If there's one thing the artist has mastered throughout the years, it's the capacity to deliver a catchy tune even with the simplest arrangements. Filled with midtempo acoustic pop cuts with a sprinkling of folk here and there, this is a beautiful record worth noting.

Derek Clegg: All Those Days To Feel Better

When Derek Clegg makes an appearance here at the Frostclick blog, you can be sure that he definitely has something good in tow. Sure enough, his latest album, All Those Days To Feel Better is something to look forward to. Like his previous releases, this one is an indie acoustic folk affair that carries Clegg's laid back vocals and beautiful melodies. His guitar skills, vocal and lyrical work still take center stage like it always has.

Derek Clegg: You Remind Me Of No One

A familiar face here in the Frostclick blog, You Remind Me of No One is Derek Clegg's latest effort. This would mark the fifth time his music has appeared here and overall, his seventh compilation to date. Containing his signature laid-back folk pop sound, the album is another worthy check-out for anyone who's listened to the artist and his previous albums.

Derek Clegg: Across Town

Making his 5th appearance here at the Frostclick blog, Derek Clegg is back with his sixth official release. Across Town is a 12-track record from the master of acoustic folk pop. Like most of his previous albums, it resonates with a cozy feel that makes you think of heartfelt folk pop songs you can easily play on your guitar on a lazy afternoon. With several great quality compilations in tow, it's hard to believe that Derek remains independent. A one-man band manning the songwriting, recording, and producing of his records; the guy is one tough act to follow. Some of his previous releases include It Seems As Though, Beautiful World, Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck and KJC.

Derek Clegg – It Seems As Though

Derek Clegg is no stranger here in Frostclick. Three of his previous releases, namely the cathartic, KJC; the mesmerizing Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck and the enthralling, Beautiful World; have been featured here in our blog. This time, Clegg is back and he's got another album in tow. Similar to his previous releases, It Seems As Though, flutters between indie folk, pop, acoustic country and even a hint of electronica. It's a beautiful mix of songs that reflect the artists' signature style and taste. It's hard to pigeonhole Clegg as an artist that's strictly limited to creating indie folk because he manages to add enough little touches to create a unique sound. Each song from the album resonate with a beautiful, heartfelt emotion that listeners will certainly enjoy.