Skillfully mixing 8-bit, dubstep, hip hop and experimental electronica in their sound, Ephera creates a surreal musical dreamland in their music.

Wonky EP is the latest effort from the now duo of Billy Gsellmann and Will Baker. Containing a whole fusion of genres, the album seems tailor made for bodies throbbing on a rave or club dance floor.

The EP contains 6 tracks and was released on October 2012.

The appropriately titled cut, Welcome, opens the mini-album with a series of random beats sprinkled across the first few seconds of the cut. It then starts to gel together courtesy of synths before being transformed into an intoxicating dance rhythm.

Safe, on the other hand, is a beautiful 8-bit menagerie as the Ephemera mixes it with more traditional electronic sounds. La Valse is a beautiful and mellow track that sees the musicians put their own spin into a classical masterpiece. Made up predominantly of piano work, the track is infused with synths and electronic work to produce a short but stirring cut that stands out.

Overall, Wonky has all the good parts of an electronic 8-bit dub compilation. Careful samples and an excellent balance of mixes provides great coherence and altogether makes the record a pleasant listen. Take a listen and grab the download if you like what you hear.

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