With their impeccable eye and appeal to both mainstream and indie crowd, Leaked by Auburn is a collection that shows an intense yearning to stand out and create a satisfying musical experience for every kind of music lover.

Hailing from St. Paul, Minneapolis, Auburn churns up soul, R&B, and pop melodies to inject a hefty dose of energy in every play. First track in the 15-track collection is Meet the Parents that acts as a fulfilling appetizer into the songstress’ potential. Here, Auburn taps into well-loved sonic formula to reach out to a wider scope of listeners.

Jealous, on the other hand, shows a bolder Auburn that could drop fierce lines in between solid beats. My First Time follows in a more upbeat tone. Listen as this danceable piece talks about a girl’s initiation to adulthood and reality.

Meanwhile, Remake closes the collection with a flair of piano keys and the same pop/R&B approach, staying true to the album’s theme.

All in all, Auburn‘s album Leaked does not try hard to be “indie,” instead, this artist stays true to what she loves – pop and R&B – and it actually works for her. Auburn is brimming with talent and her music has mass appeal that it’s just a matter of time for this artist to fully come out of her cocoon and fly.

Track List:
1. Meet The Parents
2. Do It
3. Just Stay
4. Incredible
5. Jealous
6. My First Time
7. Hello
8. Feel Good
9. Love Calling
10. Boombox
11. Deep
12. Heartbreak
13. Doin’ Me
14. My Baby
15. Remake

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