Forget the Whale is one of those bands that can amaze you if you allow them to. You don’t hear them on the radio much, but once you download their tracks, you can listen to them all the time, and never get tired of their music.

Since 2013, the American blues, country, alternative, rock band Forget the Whale with members: Alishia Taiping (lead vocals, bass) Dan Pieraccini (bass, keys, and vocals), Peter Durning (guitar, harmonica) and AJ Zienowicz (drums, vocals) shakes the music scene with their diverse and unique style.

What I tell My Self is a 2016 released EP that contains 4 tracks full of emotions; emotions that enable the listener to further dive into their craft.

The EP begins with “Suburban Outlaw” quickly followed by “I know where you’ve been” with an upbeat tempo and that amazing rock and roll feel. Meanwhile tracks like “10 Days” and “Giants” showcases Forget the Whale’s versatility as a band as they prove that they are not pinned into a specific genre.

What I tell My Self is definitely worth listening to. Its mood changes gradually, but never contradicts the flow of music. If you want to listen to something out of the ordinary, you can always turn Forget the Whale on.

Track List:
1. Suburban outlaw
2. I know where you’ve been
3. 10 Days
4. Giants

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