Joel Porter‘s new EP, Mountain Twin, reflects the artist’s hunger for adventure, nature, and self-discovery. Here, the Bismarck native treats listener with four alternative folk tracks that unravel Porter — as a person, an artist, a traveler – in every tune.

Soft-cooing vocals open the collection in the title track, Mountain Twin. Porter embraces a pleasurable blend of hushed strings and folk musings to create comforting, warm-hues tones for cold mornings while in nature. Porter sings with an earthy yet crisp tone, which induces a certain intimacy between him and the listener.

In St. Anthony, Porter uses an overlay of vocals and playful guitar licks to paint heart-warming country soundscapes. Press play, grab a cuppa, and let this atmospheric track put you into an emotional trance.

We Are Giants, on the other hand, utilizes more beats but still maintains Porter’s soothing folk sound. Here, the artist’s fluctuating vocal styling let him emphasize certain parts and calling the listeners attention.

Winter Coat concludes the EP with an overcast of gloomy, echoing vocals that perfectly encapsulates the cold season.

In Mountain Twin EP, Joel Porter takes the role of a painter that creates vivid landscapes of nature and the changing season in every brush stroke.

Track List:
1. Mountain Twin
2. St. Anthony
3. We are Giants
4. Winter Coat

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