Are you itching to go somewhere but have no time to do so? Listening to Vibes & Days by VACATIONS might just do the trick.

Featuring eleven tracks of wanderlust-friendly sounds released under Human Sounds Records, Vacations (Campbel Burns, Jake Johnson, Nate Delizzotti and Joseph Van Lier) designed this collection for purely one reason: to put your mind into a pure state of relaxation.

Home opens the collection with atmospheric electric guitar and drums paired with drowsy vocals. Paired with a cold glass of your favorite drink, listen as this subdued surf rock piece makes you feel like you’re enjoying sunsets by the beach.

Away sounds like your in a luau in Hawaii but with a twist of rock arrangement. The subdued soft rock tingles the ears in the right place, creating a laid-back listening experience.

Whether you’re at home or in a roadtrip, Young is a perfect backdrop to ease your body and mind. Here, luscious melodies from soft guitars travels flawlessly in the ears.

If there’s one adjective to describe Vibes & Days, it’s mood-inducing. Beyond featuring a certain band, what makes this album unique is its focus on listeners and its intent on transporting them to dreamy destination by just pressing play.

Track List:
1. Home
2. Away
3. Relax
4. Young
5. Dave Brubeck
6. Friends
7. Day Dreamin
8. Hamilton South
9. Moments
10. No Fun
11. Days

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