Amy Stroup‘s solo debut album, Tunnel Deluxe, is here and is up for grab! Rated as one of the “Top 20 Songwriter Under 30,” Stroup delights us with smart pop and indie melodies straight from Nashville.

Tunnel, a 12-track pop collection, represents something special for Stroup. She says the album is a representation of “a process of healing and a place to express the small self actualizing truths I’ve learned over the last couple of years.”

Opening track We Finally Found Our Way derives its beauty from controlled musicality. Here, Stroup’s minimalist aesthetic shines through as waves of ambient pop melodies swirl through each note, creating a calming, soothing effect.

Far From Yesterday explores indie pop soundscapes with rhythmic drum beats, atmospheric tunes, and a nonchalant delivery from Stroup.

Meanwhile, Versailles brims with innocence and charm with playful electric guitar paired with hints of chime. It’s bubbly but does not veer from the artist’s signature atmospheric vibe.

In Tunnel Deluxe, Amy Stroup has proven that being an artists means courage to finding you own voice and fully embracing it. The result of which? An infectious album that will keep fans wanting for more.

Track List:
1. We Finally Found Our Way
2. Far From Yesterday
3. Falling
4. Back Burner
5. Sabotage
6. Versailles
7. Hold What You Can
8. Curious Heart
9. With Wings
10. Dark Runs Out
11. Sabotage (Super Duper Remix)
12. Back Burner (Super Duper Remix)

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