Engelwood examines the beauty in mood, jazz, and chillhop in his 2016 collection, Pastel Beach.

Featuring twelve impeccable pieces, Engelwood, a musician from Madison, Wisconsin, plays with funk and vivid colors to exude upbeat, fresh music that enliven spirits.

First stop is Sparkle, an evocative piece that combines South American guitar strings with funky hip-hop beats. The result is a colorful piece that brims with energy and spice.

Puerto Rico follows with vintage samples that are slowly layered with jazz horns. Listen as the samples get louder — literally — until we end up with luscious melodies that’ll make you groove.

Seaside Lounge is the perfect vacation song — imagine lounging in a hammock at a seaside villa while sipping pina colada. Here, Engelwood lets you tune out from reality, serenading you with soft ukulele and harping seagulls in the background.

In Pastel Beach, Engelwood designs a collection that gives you the right balance between color, beat, and mood, eliciting listeners to enjoy the art of experiencing the beauty of a single moment.

The tracks presented here are playlist must-haves, whether you’re planning a vacation playlist or just in the mood to chill out.

Track List:
1. sparkle
2. puerto rico
3. luau
4. la la la
5. seaside lounge
6. universal (ft. jeff kaale)
7. panthurr – summer love (engelwood remix)
8. brazil
9. tommy boy
10. new orleans (ft. simon eng)
11. saint wood (ft. jeff kaale)
12. lullaby (ft. MIA GLADSTONE)

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