One of the things that I love to do is to laze around one afternoon while reading a book and listening to good jazz music.

While most jazz music features instrumental piano, drums and saxophone hints, Maya de Luna and Bruno Stimart paired up for this absolutely lovely live recording of jazz with hints of bossa nova. It makes you feel like swaying left and right as you listen to the music, with applauses and little dialogues in between songs.

The album, which is Maya’s 3rd share, was recorded on the 1st of December 2008, with Bruno Stimart. It was a nice change from the usual studio-recorded songs and albums that Maya had previously shared to the public since this was a cross between the Brazilian beat of Bossa Nova with the smoothness of Jazz. And of course, this was recorded live in front of the public, so it’s actually nice hearing a little conversation and the crowd’s applauses all throughout the whole track. Although the album is in French, (yes, French!) the melody and the beat would still make you swoon and relaxed.


Bar Stim.Art features a 37 and a half minute track filled with bossa jazz as Maya and Bruno serenades their listeners with their soothing voices and perfect harmony. Although I do not know the titles of the songs included in this live recorded track, it still delivers the perfect ambiance that you’re finding for that ‘just-right’ mood.

It also serves as a great background music for some candlelight dinner and red wine.

Maya de Luna, whose real name is Christine Clement,  is a French singer from Lyon, France. She describes herself as ‘a little woman who is motivated by her passion – music.’ She currently has 4 albums out, all available through the Common Creatives license.

Maya had stated that she loved to collaborate with other fellow musicians and singers, so I guess we would be hearing more of this ‘little woman’s’ very sweet and soothing voice.

You could also sing along with this album, of course, provided that you know French, or you just feel like singing with them anyway.

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