Eastward by Hudson is just the right music you need after going through a barrage of parties & other fast paced craziness thanks to the Holidays.

Contained within the compilation is some of the finest and most melodic pieces you’ll hear. The band is made up of duo, John Boswell and Will Crowle.

With a sound that resembles a sweet and comforting pat on the back, the songs on the record tell the story of a man who goes on a journey to rescue his brother from captivity.

All of Eastward was recorded in a North Idaho cabin for about a week in June 2010. It’s a concept album that takes listeners on a quiet journey to the Western countryside. Filled with lush acoustic guitars and beautiful melodies, the journey begins with the single, Go East Young Man. This kick starts the young man’s journey to save his brother. There’s a lovely hook to the song that makes you want to put it on at the most stressful of times just to calm your nerves.

Most of the tracks come with expert guitar work while occasionally banjos come flooding in but there’s always a very consistent touch of gorgeous vocals accompanying the record. Some of the tracks worth checking out include The CobblerPursuit Through Grouse Canyon which has this haunting electronic instrumental feel, and also The Alder Grove. The final track, Two Sun Mountain, caps the record perfectly as it concludes the story of the wanderer finally getting to see his brother again.

Overall, Hudson has created a relaxing concept album that echoes a beautiful sentiment. It’s a record to put on for when you’re feeling low-key and want some good music for company. You can grab the download over at BandCamp. The boys are offering it at a name-your-price option.

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