Dragon City Mobile from developer Social Point takes it cue from the other dragon breeding titles, but has enough originality to make it more than just a clone. Your goal is to be the ruler of dragons, but to do that you have to do more than just breed them, as resource management is important.

The early stages of the game explain the basic concepts, with the focus on breeding and feeding dragons so they can grow. As your dragons grow, you’ll be able to use them in battles vs. other players. You can even pit the dragons against one another, and the more battles you win, the more bonuses you get.

Dragon City Mobile provides you with several objectives which also explain what needs to be done. Like other resource management / building games, you tap and swipe menus to create buildings and breed dragons. One of the nice things about Dragon City Mobile is you don’t have to wait long to see the results.

The longer you play the game the more dragons you will be able to create. The higher levels take more time to complete, but you’ll have the opportunity to gather more resources. Just remember that it takes some time for the dragons to breed and produce an egg.

If you’re on Facebook you can continue the game which is nice, and the gameplay is easy enough for anyone to get into. If you love dragon breeding and resource management games, you will like this.

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