Ok, so there are 101 tracks on this little compilation mixtape. I know it’s a lot, but if you like to play some sweet mellow hip-hop beats on the background while working, this will definitely do a trick. BLESS Vol.1 from Inner Ocean Records, is mostly instrumental. It will flow from one track to another with seamless precision and give you a little break with selecting a new track to play.

BLESS Vol.1 – well I didn’t have a change to listen to all 101 tracks. But the ones I had a pleasure to hear, were – a pleasure. From the most chill of chill outer.rim by am. and Expose by Eevee, where the beats create the long lasting ambience to the Patience by Kawfee, which exposes the listener to a a jazzy and dark influence within its hip-hop roots.

If you are looking for some free music ready to take over your day this compilation might just be it. Take a listen. To download free click on ‘Buy digital album’ and enter 0 at checkout.


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