FIN a.k.a Found In Numbers is an indie-rock band from Virginia formed among friends in the summer of 2014. On their second record, SALT, the band gives us a condensed collection of the most present tones of the indie-rock genre.


The EP begins with the mellow atmosphere brought in by Hardware. The track is dreamy and almost Coldplay-esque in some of its moments. The most major highlight, however, comes with Treehouse. The song features the band’s most dynamic songwriting and the hooks and choruses are some of the EP’s catchiest. Quite noticeably, FIN have a charming way of making their music sound laidback and uncomplicated, and at this, bands in the likes of Vampire Weekend come to mind.

SALT’s most obvious spotlight is taken by the guitars. Melodic riffing and catchy licks are kept coming and sometimes provide the base for an entire song to be built around like Mathematician. To top off their music, FIN also display their talent in lyricism with amusing phrases like “God’s not a magician/ He’s a mathematician” and “I wanna live where God lives, I wanna live inside of you/ I wanna live where God live because God lives inside of you“.

Favorite Track: Treehouse


Track List
1. Hardware
2. Treehouse
3. Isaac
4. Mathematician

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