The Rabbitts, from UK, is a folk-pop duo formed by singer-songwriters Lucy and Odhran, who also happen to be a couple. After a year of writing, rehearsing and recording, The Rabbitts finally make their debut with a five-track EP, Avocado Ginger Tree.

As we head into Avocado Ginger Tree, the self-titled opener sounds just as adorable as the idea of a couple singing about their shared experiences can get. The production, while sounding polished and professional, gives the music an organic, “live performance” sound, which only adds to the record’s air of intimacy and affection. As we listen further, we come to the realization that calling Avocado Ginger Tree an EP or a record would be an injustice; a musical diary is what it really is, presenting us with The Rabbitt‘s fondest personal memories. Take for example, La Plage – a track about Lucy and Odhran’s time together on the beaches in the south of France. Or Tree Swing, which recalls the couple’s first open-mic together. Meanwhile, Camping Song is a recollection of their frequent camping trips while Society is a song about their “desire to flee the city and live a little more worry-free”.

Favorite Track: Avocado Tree Swing, Camping Song

Track List
1. Avocado Ginger Tree
2. Tree Swing
3. Society
4. Camping Song
5. La Plage

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