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You know that Just Matthew from Los Angeles is clearly not a fan of the pretentiousness or egotism so abundant in mainstream rap, when he admits “I didn’t even loan this beat/ Just copped it off YouTube so I could show my heat” on Prototype.

Connery sees Just Matthew creating music as a vessel for honest introspection and sharing his personal experiences. The record’s second track, Prototype, presents him telling us of his struggles and dreams as an upcoming musician, while Understand It is a vocalization of the various emotions floating around in Matthew’s head now that he’s in the “rap game”. The EP also gives us an equal amount of Matthew’s flirtatious side. He appears to be at his sweetest on Forget, where he urges a woman to get past her ungrateful boyfriend and come to him instead, who would treat her right.

Comparisons can be drawn to Drake and sometimes also Kendrick Lamar in the EP’s bright danceable style of production and Mathhew’s flow.

Just Matthew is a rapper with talent, but not yet a finely-tuned lyricist. With Connery, he has given us an enjoyable effort but some sharper writing will help Matthew make it bigger in the scene.

Favorite Track: Forget


Track List
1. Forget
2. Prototype
3. Bonnie
4. Understand It

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