Ever since Flappy Bird came out several titles popped up in a similar vein. While many of these can be dismissed as poor clones, others distinguish themselves. Sky Surfing is basically Flappy Bird with a plane, but developer Cloud Macaca didn’t produce a simple copycat here, as it’s enjoyable and has that can’t put down feel.

To control the plane you swipe up to ascend and swipe down to descend. Swipe down onto the platforms to charge, score points and then fly up the skies. So yes the mechanics are simple enough anyone can learn it. The graphics are simple but effective as are the sounds. Gameplay is smooth too and not surprisingly it doesn’t consume a lot of device resources.

If Sky Surfing is just about swiping up and down things would get repetitive quickly. But there are some strategies needed to get far in the game. The most important is to charge as often as possible, so land on every platform you see. Avoid the spikes as that spells doom, and collect all the coins you see.

If a yellow exclamation point appears it means you just brushed a platform or obstacles. You get bonus points for this and understandably so, as it’s difficult to pull off. With enough practice however you’ll get it right and be the better for it in the game. Partners and fairies show up occasionally and you should follow them to get more coins.

Lastly you’ll also earn badges for achieving certain milestones which enhance your speed among other things. So yes, there’s plenty to keep you hooked onto Sky Surfing.

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