Augmented reality (AR) apps are becoming more common, and applications are becoming more varied. Now Sirvo has come up with Housecraft, a cool app that allows you to render 3D furniture models anywhere you want. If you like to redecorate, this app helps you visualize what the design looks like.

Housecraft is an entertainment app, but it also has some practical uses especially if you are renovating. Should you put that table in front of the couch or at the sides? Rather than drag or lift the table, just use Housecraft to render a table and position it in front or the side of the couch, depending on where you want it.

Housecraft comes with a lot of furniture and objects that you can render. Chairs, desks, tables and other items. If you are not happy with the results, send out a tornado to blow all your creations away or shoot them with a pistol.

Housecraft uses the camera on your mobile device to position the object anywhere you like. Before this can be done, the app needs to scan the floor, and it has a feedback that notifies you of the progress. The app also uses real physics so some objects fall over, adding a sense of realism.

The app lets you save a layout you like, a really handy feature as it lets you play with different designs. As an entertainment AR app, Housecraft is enjoyable, but in addition, it is also a good tool for visualizing home renovations.

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