Splashy from Voodoo takes a simple goal and turns it into a fun and challenging game. The objective is to bounce a ball along various platforms nestled over poles. Just like the other Voodoo games, the controls are simple, but you need to be focused to keep going and last for as long as possible.

The controls are very simple too. Tap the screen and slide your finger to move the ball. The early levels give you a good idea of how the game should progress and what you need to do. The early stages move slowly and it is easy to control the ball, but the later levels are harder as the pace quickens.

Bounce from one platform to the next and you score one point. But if you can land on the white circled platforms you receive a multiplier. Keep landing on those white dots and the multiplier keeps going on.

Are you having trouble hitting those platforms? Look for the rainbow tiles and hit them as it will increase the size of the platforms. Just keep hitting those rainbow tiles and the platforms will keep getting bigger. But if you miss one, the platforms go back to their original size.

Splashy also lets you unlock different types of ball skins, though it does not have an effect on the game. However the platform skins do. The square platform skins for instance, make it easier to hit targets.

While Splashy has a basic premise, there is plenty here to keep you occupied and go on playing.

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