(Wilco, Tom Petty, Steve Earle)

Derek Clegg: Stop The Line

Singer-songwriter Derek Clegg serenades the alt folk country community with Stop The Line. Brimming with fourteen tracks, the Chicago native plays with rhythmic structure, deep emotions, and a whole lot of guitar lovin’.

Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience: Soul Visions

Intoxicating beats and sultry rhythms that will tingle your body from head to toe is brought by David Block’s principal project named The Human Experience. This talented artist who has shared the stage with Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, Tipper, Random Rab, Emancipator, Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, and Kaminanda, is an exceptionally brilliant multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Glad Town Ghosts: Northwards Over Your Home (Single)

Technically, this entry from newcomer Glad Town Ghosts is not an EP but a single (with the traditional B-sides included), but it’s really amazing that we’re compelled to include it anyway. Recently signed with Massive Skull Records, the band is the brain fart of Dale Husband, with “occasional company” thrown in, as he says on his page. Regardless who he’s with, we absolutely think that his first release Northwards Over Your Home is a fantastic one.

Parker Smith: Solo Flight

Solo Flight by Parker Smith is an EP composed of songs from live recordings culled from Parker Smith’s solo tour in December 2012 through Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and North Carolina. Released last 2012, the 11-track EP offers bluegrass tune at its finest.

Shakey Graves: Roll the Bones

Roll The Bones by Shakey Graves might be two years old but it hasn't lost its charming touch. Filled to the brim with delightful acoustic, folk americana music; the album is soothing in a "hangin'-out-the-bayou" sort of way. Shakey Graves is the moniker of Texas based singer, Alejandro Rose-Garcia. This is his debut compilation and from the sound of things, it's setting him up for a bright future. His vocals, coupled with his expert guitar picking makes the songs delightful and entertaining.

Eric and the Blues Band

Eric and the Blues Band isn't really as straight up as you would want them to be. For one, there is no one in the band named Eric and the group rarely plays straight blues. On their Facebook page, they mention that "Eric" is a fictitious persona created by Nick to "hide behind to protect himself from his mounds of tax troubles, and paternity suits. By naming the rest of the guys "The Blues Band", Nick created an environment where he can fire anyone at any time, for no reason at all, and still keep the same name!" It's cheeky story but nonetheless, doesn't interfere with the fact that the band features some seriously catchy blues pop rock in this record.

Turn off your television

Turn Off Your Television lives up to their name. Everytime you listen to their songs, they do want to make you turn off your television or simply tune out from all the hustle and bustle of your life to relax and enjoy some great quiet folk pop rock music. This Swedish trio's sound is everything you need if you find yourself stressed and want something to soothe your overworked nerves. What's even better is that the boys offer up 12 awesome tracks all for free. It's quite a treat considering that the entire album provides one great track after another.

Jess Penner: Growing in the Cold

Jess Penner is a talented singer/songwriter that has been winning raves for her beautiful voice and sound. Based in LA, Growing in the Cold is the singer's latest compilation. It follows the successful release of her debut album, Love, Love, Love. Since her initial offering, her music has been featured on various TV shows, movies as well as commercial campaigns. Armed with a guitar and her sweet, sometimes quirky vocals; her music is lighthearted and filled with great melody that easily charms.

Chris Koza: The Dark, Delirious Morning

Chris Kozas The Dark, Delirious Morning should be what the sea is to summer, or flowers are to spring: a landmark release. Based in Minneapolis, Chris Koza is an enviable singer/songwriter with three albums that never turned mediocre. Either a solo artist, a duo with longtime guitar player Peter Sieve, or with his band Rogue Valley (which had its own special appearance on FrostClick), Koza steps into the spotlight fully-loaded with precise craftsmanship and talent.