(Wilco, Tom Petty, Steve Earle)

Trench Town Oddities: Days & Nights

There are times when all you need is good old acoustic pop rock to help make your day right. Trench Town Oddities is a five piece crew than can provide you with some feel-good, relaxing folk pop music you'll enjoy. This 5 piece crew have been together since 2006; releasing several EPs so far, one of which is a Christmas EP. This Cornwall band not only record their own songs, they are also a party band. Playing cover songs from various artists like Jack Johnson, Sublime and even fellow Canadian, Alanis Morissette; the band is slowly gaining ground on their local hometown. Days & Nights is a 6-track EP of the band's own songs. The cuts are light and fun to listen to if you simply don't want to think about anything else other than having a good time.

Gunther Brown: Gunther Brown

Gunther Brown and his songs belong to some indie coming-of-age movie or television series soundtrack. It's not just the expressive voice but the acoustic electro sound as well as the melodic vibe definitely makes this one an A++ indie folk pop record. More often than not, you'll see Gunther Brown as a duo comprised of Pete Dubuc and Evan Chase. Occasionally, they do transform into a 5 piece crew, with Eric Heintz, Ethan Gamage, Derek Mills and Chris Devlin as additional members. This self-titled compilation is a collection of EPs and singles the band has released in their previous records.

Jumy: Every day is the First Day

This set is a collection of acoustic folk pop songs from Frenchman, jumy. Every Day is the First Day mixes masterful guitar strumming with southern harmonica and some peppy tune. It reminds me of a quiet summer getaway where you just sit down with friends, sing along and play guitar. Nice relaxing sounds. This the second release from the artist. His first album, de bric et de broc, is also a compilation of folk pop songs played in his beautifully embellished guitar and recorded in his makeshift home studio. The album is available as a free download on Jamendo and licensed under a creative commons license.

Dave Daniels: Songs From Stone Mountain

Songs From Stone Mountain by Dave Daniels is collection of folk pop indie americana tracks that'll give you a taste of what it's like staying in an American bayou or at least in a small American town. The songs in this record evoke a quiet reverie, but there are also some tracks that are upbeat and cleverly intertwine a pop rock sound. This is the artists' first official release and it's available for free download under a creative commons license. You can also check out his latest compilation, Just Like Ghosts, also available for free download.Get a taste of pure American tracks from this wonderful Florida singer/songwriter.

Backwords: The Buffalo Still Roam

Backwords is a Brooklyn based band that combines psychedelic 60s rock with folk music. The end result is an eclectic, melancholic mix that simply sounds amazing. The Buffalo Still Roam is their sophomore release. They also released a third album, Quilt, which is available for purchase in limited edition Vinyl format. For this second effort, it's available for free download on the group's website. It includes 8 tracks that are filled with plenty of personality, great vocal work and nothing short of fantastic cuts. The lo-fi quality of the record actually adds to its beauty, allowing listeners to get lost in the warm melodies. Right now, the group is busy promoting their new record as well as performing live shows and gigs in and around New York.

Music That Matters: KEXP

I fell in love with the series nearly two years ago during one of my lovely commutes to work for one simple reason - it brings you the most amazing variety of music just in time when you can no longer listen to the same songs you had on your iPod since 2000. Each podcast comes with a theme and a selection of sounds (from nearly every genre imaginable, with a slightly greater love for alternative and indie rock) put together by some of the greatest DJs from Northwest.

Hot Fiction: Dark Room

Hot Fiction is a singing duo from England made up of Andy Yeoh on drums/vocals and Simon Miller on guitars. Now, from the opener "Start if Off," it's hard not to liken the group to another famous duo, The White Stripes. With their pounding drum beats and signature jangly guitars, Hot Fiction is definitely on the right track. Dark Room nicely blends jazz, blues, garage and hardrock into one fine and very hot mess.

Joey Kneiser: All Night Bedroom Revival

Alternative southern rock singer takes a stab at creating solo music. Joey Kneiser is best known as the frontman for Murfreesboro, TN rockers, Glossary. The band is still pretty much intact, in fact they released their latest album, Feral Fire just last February). All Night Bedroom Revival is the first solo album for Kneiser and from the looks of things, fans are hoping it won't be the last. The album is filled with beautiful acoustic and melodic tracks with heartwarming lyrics. It's a must listen and one of the best quality free albums you'll get anywhere.

Nobody’s Bizness: Ao Vivo Na Capela da Miseric√≥rdia

If you are in the mood for some good old blues, Nobody's Bizness can help you in that department. Their music is characteristic of delta music that reminds plenty of blues lovers out there just how this music originally came about. Nobody's Bizness' Ao Vivo Na Capela da Misericórdia is a compilation of acoustic blues that exudes with a touch of the rural country. It's a poignant attempt of the band to keep the Mississippi delta music alive and kicking.